The Brand

TSOTETSI KL is the product of extensive experience in the fashion industry.

Being a paragon of fashion to many women, this brand aims to add a unique style to their lives.

With only the highest fashion standards in place to attain pure chic, the brand has developed a reputable distinction over the years.

Focusing on precision and quality the brand strives to achieve the highest accolades of sophistication.

It delivers garments of high quality and explores in fabric, colour, silhouette and texture.

Its mission is to serve women of a specific calibre, those that do not hesitate to grant attention to appropriate fit, quality and perfection.


Through the realisation of the love of engineered skirts, Tsotetsi KL aims to make women look attractive in their engineered personality and edginess. 

The TKL brand is illustrated and articulated well by the sheer fabrics; used such as mesh, Chiffon, silk and lace.

In light of this, I believe that “High Fashion” is well articulated when a women is in a skirt.  As a result, the brand ensures to give off a chic and refined look through competitive style.

TSOTETSI K.L delivers clothing for women that have a sense of flair in fashion and take appearance to heart.